Outside The Box Productions

event planning, strategic public relations, marketing and advertising firm in San Antonio, TX

Outside the Box Productions is looking for new talent!

If you have been looking to break into the events biz, this is your opportunity! Outside the Box Productions is looking for our next M.V.P.Most Valuable Personal assistant. The position entails directly assisting the CEO, overseeing all office management and accounting and assisting with all events. “This job is a great way to start your career in this industry. It allows you to touch almost all facets of the job and assist in the day to day operations of the business,” Welsh said.

Welsh started Outside the Box in 2002 and has been “making pigs fly” for her clients ever since.  Welsh’s vision was to create a company that could design and execute unique events, strategic public relations campaigns, and innovative advertising campaigns.   Welsh credits her company’s continued growth to building a great team that is always enthusiastically thinking Outside the Box! 

If you have the energy, enthusiasm and PMA - Positive Mental Attitude – please send your resume to: celina@outsidetheboxevents.com at which time you will also receive a full copy of the job description and particulars.

Thanks for thinking Outside the Box!

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